Drive audience engagement and expand first-party data with interactive contests

Discover Contezo, your ultimate data-driven contesting platform crafted to elevate your business by gathering valuable first-party data, boosting revenue, and maximizing audience engagement.

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Three Engaging Contest Types

Photo Contest

Let your audience nominate and vote on contestants to determine the BEST.

Example Use Case:
Categorized Best Of Contests
Best Halloween Costume by Category
Best Business by Group and Category
Best Nurse

Ballot Contest

Connect with your audience through a photo contest or best of ballot contest.

Example Use Case:
Best of Ballots
Cutest Pet
Mother’s Day Contest

Sweepstakes Contest

Spark interest with a quick sweepstakes.

Example Use Case:
Taylor Swift Ticket Giveaway
Trip Giveaway

Contezo Features

Contezo is a platform designed to insert FUN into data collection by helping you engage users and drive revenue.

Advanced Analytics

Sophisticated analytics for tracking exposure and engagement, ideal for showcasing your sponsors. Includes metrics like pageviews, registration and submission analytics, as well as promotion impressions and clicks.

Built-in Promotions

Integrated sponsor promotions offering high-impact branding opportunities, featuring ad positions that are resistant to blocking and enhanced listings with multi-location display.

Layout Options

Contezo offers a versatile range of layout options, blending traditional and modern designs to captivate and engage your audience effectively.

Fraud Prevention

Robust fraud prevention measures ensure seamless user registration while detecting and blocking abusers and bots at both IP and submission levels. Keep your contests spam-free and enhance legitimacy with our advanced security features.

Custom Registration Forms Collect Data You Need

Our custom forms empower you to collect additional data points and information from your audience. Tailor your registration and submissions forms to create value for your sponsors or grow your email lists. The possibilities are endless. 

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